What year is it?

1902, but in an Alternate Universe. Read our World Background here!

Why am I Allowlisted but RedM says I’m not?

Sometimes RedM and Discord lose their integration with one another. It’s like they are having a bad connection on their phone call with each other.

  1. Close out of RedM, and then also close out of Discord. You have to completely close out of Discord, even if it just minimized itself to your Windows taskbar tray. (When in doubt, fully restart your PC.)
  2. Reopen both RedM and Discord.
  3. In RedM, attempt to connect to our server again. If you’re still struggling after that, please open a “Tech Support” ticket in the #open-a-ticket channel of our Discord, and we would be happy to assist you. 🙂

Why is my in-game UI all messed up?

We only support 1920×1080 screen resolution. First you can try changing your monitor’s screen resolution. Otherwise:

  1. Go into RedM’s homescreen settings (not the in-game settings!).
  2. Click “Game”.
  3. Enable the “Fixed-sized NUI” setting.
Only for those with monitor resolutions bigger than 1080p.

How do I connect via IP address?

You should be able to find us in RedM’s list of servers. If for some reason you can’t, you can do the following instead:

  1. On the RedM homescreen, press the F8 key.
  2. Paste the following:
  3. Hit the Enter key.

Do I need to set up TeamSpeak?

Nope! 😄 We don’t use TeamSpeak. We use RedM’s built-in voice chat (Mumble). If you’re having trouble hearing or being heard, go into the in-game Settings, go to Audio, and review/change your devices for input and output.

Why does the game run so slow?

We recommend going into RedM’s in-game graphics settings and setting them to the lowest possible preset. Settings that worked fine in “vanilla” RDR2 won’t necessarily perform the same in RedM. (You can probably keep Textures at Ultra, but nothing else should be Ultra.)

Keep in mind RedM is reverse-engineered (i.e. “hacked”), so it’s a miracle any of this works, much less performs well. 😁

Note: Some people have luck changing their graphics from “Vulkan” to “DX12”.

How do I clear my RedM cache?

  1. Press Windows + R. A “Run” prompt will appear.
  2. Paste:


    into the prompt and press Enter.
  3. Open the “RedM Application Data” folder (it may not have a typical folder icon).
  4. Open the “data” folder.
  5. Delete all folders with the word “server-cache” (e.g.  “server-cache”, “server-cache-priv”).