Homelands Workforce Commission

Howdy, partner! Here’s an excellent resource for job opportunities in the Homelands, as well a glimpse at future job ideas. The possibilities are nearly endless! If something catches your eye, feel free to drop a suggestion on our Discord, and remember you can help finance our project by supporting our Patreon page or GoFundMe.
 Happy Railroading!

Government Jobs

These are jobs where you are paid by the government.
  • Law Enforcement Officer (LEO): Enforce the laws of the Homelands.
  • Doctor: Provide healing services to downed and/or injured community members.
  • Lawyer: Represent plaintiffs or defendants in court cases.
  • (Admin Only) U.S. Marshal: A non-corrupt federal representative to intervene in LEO issues.
  • (Admin Only) Judge: A non-corrupt decider of court cases.
  • Mayor: An elected position, who will support, plan and execute events, provide assistance, and be involved with policy enforcement and creation. This role is paid $3,000 in $1,000 monthly increments during their elected term. The Mayor will also receive an additional $3,000 to be used as a budget for events, economic support for their community, etc. 


Finite Jobs

These are businesses with limited availability. You must submit a business proposal for a certain location (i.e. city).
You could also be an employee of one of these.
  • Saloon Owner: Manage a saloon, serving drinks, food, and host community events.
  • Gunsmith: Craft, repair, customize, and upgrade firearms for the community.
  • Blacksmith: Craft and sell supplies and equipment.
  • Horse Trainer: Catch and train wild horses and sell them to other players.
  • Naturalist: Provides homeopathic healing services rooted in nature’s ancient wisdom to harmonize and restore well-being within the community.
  • Bordello Owner: A captivating figure, gracefully
    managing the complexities of the red-light district, offering
    companionship, and deftly navigating the delicate balance between
    pleasure and danger.


Freelance Jobs

These are jobs where you make your own profits, as a side hustle or as a proposed business.
  • Outlaw: Live a life of crime, robbing stores, stagecoaches, and members of the community (Note: Please review our server rules).
  • Farmer: Grow and tend to crops to be sold to saloons or to members of the community.
  • Hunter: Track, kill, and skin animals to sell at the butchers or saloons.
  • Miner: Extract valuable resources from mines for sale and/or crafting.
  • Logger: Harvest lumber to sell to blacksmiths and gunsmiths.
  • Forager: Become an expert at resource gathering finding and collecting various resources like herbs, mushrooms, fruits, and other plants.
  • Bounty Hunter: Track down and capture or eliminate wanted criminals for rewards.
  • Trader: Engage in the buying, selling, and delivery of goods to make a profit.
  • Prospector: Search and pan for gold nuggets to sell or use for crafting.
  • Smuggler: Transport and sell illegal goods across borders while evading law enforcement.
  • Musician: Entertain the community by playing music in towns and/or at events.
  • Coach Driver: Operate a stagecoach service for transportation across the map.
  • Reporters: Investigates and covers current events, conducting interviews and research to deliver accurate and timely news stories to the public.
  • Photographers: Provide picture services to the newspaper/reporters and commission services in the community.
  • Wagon Deliverer: Provide large delivery of goods to neighboring cities for saloons, events, or personal needs.
  • Fortune Teller: Set up a fortune-telling booth where players can receive predictions and/or insights about their in-game future.
  • Private Investigator: Solve mysteries and uncover secrets by taking on investigative quests. Often hired about LEOs.
  • Horse Racing Organizer: Arrange and host horse racing events, allowing players to bet on their favorite horses.
  • Pawnshop Owner: Buy and sell items from the community. Offer personal loans using items as collateral.
  • Loan Shark: Provide loans to the community.
  • Trappers: Utilize baited traps to catch animals to sell to the carcass market and/or saloons.
  • Angler: Sell fish to the carcass market and/or saloons.

Jobs Coming Soon

These are jobs we intend on having in the near future, but we are currently limited by project finances and/or staff resources.
  • Rancher: Tend to animals (e.g. sheep, cows, chickens) to produce food and materials, especially for saloons.
  • Gambler: Be a risk-taker and engage in high-stakes poker tables with a quick draw and a silver tongue, seeking fortune and notoriety in games of chance and skill.


Future Job Ideas

See something that strikes your fancy? Drop a word on our Discord and consider helping financially by visiting our Patreon or GoFundMe pages. Together we can build greatness!
  • Hunting Guide: Take other players on guided hunting trips and share profits.
  • Woodcraft: Woodcraft wooden items for sale.
  • Moonshiner: Run an illegal moonshine operation, producing and delivering moonshine for profit.
  • Bootlegger: Work for a moonshiner by helping to gather supplies or defending the operation from rivals.
  • Collector: Explore the world to find and collect valuable items and antiques.
  • Florist: Cultivate and make floral arrangements for community members and events.
  • Saddle Maker: Create and sell customized saddles for horses, enhancing their attributes or aesthetics.
  • Cattle Rustler: Engage in cattle herding or rustling activities, selling stolen cattle or protecting herds from rustlers.