Please Note: Server RULES are different from in-game LAWS.


One incident, you’re out.

These are rule breaks that we deem to be simply inexcusable and not up for any debate.


1. A character saying the F slur (in a non-reclaimed context).

2. Someone saying their business is “whites only”.

3. A character name that is objectively offensive (i.e. they evaded our built-in name blocklist)

Admins will ban the player instantly, or as soon as humanly possible.

Major Strikes

Two incidents, you’re out.

These are rule breaks where the player could have reasonably misunderstood the rule, forgot the rule, or got caught up in the heat of the moment, and we deem that they deserve a second chance.


1. The player abused an exploit without telling staff about it.

2. The player became a “serial killer” without staff approval.

3. The player did a robbery with 10 of their friends.

If the player has strikes left, the Admins will reach out to the player to inform them that they have broken a rule that is considered a Major Strike, and that they have exactly 1 chance left before they will be banned.

Minor Strikes

Three incidents, you’re out.

These are all other rule breaks.


1. A player watches a stream to find out where a person is located (meta-gaming).

2. A player spoke while downed.

3. A player self-promoted their “twitchy eyes”.

If the player has strikes left, the Admins will reach out to the player to inform them that they have broken a rule that is considered a Minor Strike, and that they have X chance(s) left before they will be banned.

Major/Minor Math

The Admins adhere to the following: 1 Major Strike + 1 Minor Strike = Ban


After 6 months without any other strikes, old strikes will “fall off” (be forgiven from) the player’s record. While the Admins will still keep track of the strike for recordkeeping, a forgiven strike will no longer count towards a ban. This only applies to strikes, not bans – bans can only be appealed.

Suspensions / Temporary Bans

Depending on the action, a player suspected of a rule break may receive a suspension (AKA a temporary ban) at Admins’ discretion to provide time for investigation.

Ban Appeal

If a banned player believes they were banned unjustly, they are entitled to choose to appeal the ban. The player must open a “Ban Appeal” type ticket in our Discord. They then must submit a completed 2-page essay with single-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font, describing in detail how they have realized that what they did was wrong, how they have since educated themselves, how they sincerely apologize, and how they have concrete plans to do better in the future. Any submission not meeting these expectations will be rejected.

Players: Your Best Practices for Reporting Others

All players are strongly encouraged to use a recording or clipping system any time while playing, to have hard proof of rule breaks, and to avoid “he said / she said” scenarios. Systems you could use include:

1. Nvidia ShadowPlay’s “Instant Replay” feature
2. Windows Gaming’s “Record in the background” feature
4. OBS
You are also strongly encouraged to use the right-bracket key ( ] ) on your keyboard to reveal other players’ server IDs during the incident for reporting. (This feature should only be used for this purpose.)

Process Evolution

Please note that, like the Rainbow Railroad server rules, these processes may evolve to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all members. Any updates will be clearly communicated to the community through the Rainbow Railroad Discord server in a timely manner. In addition, we encourage members to provide suggestions and feedback to processes and changes to ensure transparency and inclusivity.  

Server strikes & banning processes will be consistently reviewed by the server administrators to measure relevancy and to address potential issues or concerns.