World Background

   Set in the Wild West of 1901, it is a land of rugged landscapes, untamed frontiers, and bustling towns made up of a mixture of diverse cultures and backgrounds. The spirit of cooperation, mutual respect, and progressive values are credited to the Indigenous peoples who maintained ownership of the land but welcomed settlers with open arms.

  Having lived on the land for generations, Indigenous communities had developed sophisticated systems of governance and a deep understanding of the importance of equity and justice. Indigenous leaders established diplomatic relations, forging agreements that respected the rights and sovereignty of Indigenous tribes while allowing settlers to establish communities and pursue their dreams.

  Their guidance played a pivotal role in advancing human rights causes. They actively supported the abolitionist movement and served as strong allies to African settlers seeking freedoms. The movement for equal rights gained momentum with their understanding of the detrimental impacts of discrimination and inequality.

  Their philosophy extended to women’s rights, as they recognized the importance of gender equality and women’s empowerment. Additionally, Indigenous tribes embraced the fluid notions of gender and sexuality in their own cultures which fostered an environment of support and protection to all LGBTQ individuals, recognizing the inherent value of every individual’s unique identity.

  Communities that embraced inclusivity and celebrated diversity became beacons of hope, where people of different races and genders found solace. Frontier towns often served as microcosms of this evolving society, with individuals from various backgrounds working side by side, fostering understanding and respect.

  Over time, as the Wild West continued to evolve, these efforts slowly but surely paved the way for a more inclusive society. While challenges persist, the struggles and triumphs of this era laid the foundation for future generations to continue the fight for equality, creating a more just and harmonious society in the years to come.