Meet the RRRP Team


Get to the know the hard-working team working behind the scenes at the Rainbow Railroad RP (and the characters they bring to life)!

Rainbow Railroad RP is the only RedM server with a majority LGBTQ+ staff. 🌈 🤠


Shamey Winehouse

Shamey Winehouse (she/they), is a rule-breaking alternative digital drag artist. Creator of "The Donner Party", the sexiest drag show on the Internet, she works during the day as a software developer.

Minnie “Mama Minnie” Butz is a 43-year-old woman. Born to an oil tycoon in Texas, she was a wealthy debutante in her youth. Then she moved to San Francisco to join the budding vaudeville scene. She thrived on the stage, and finally found her true love: whisky. After going on the run for accidentally burning down Seattle, and becoming a sister-wife in Salt Lake City, she's now made the Rainbow Railroad her new home.


Liebejess is an unapologetic introvert interested in cultivating a rewarding lived experience and empowering others to be exactly who they need to be for themselves.

Johanna "Jo" Scholl was born into a German immigrant family seeking refuge in a new land, where equal opportunities and economic stability were promised. However, defying their parents' traditional expectations, Jo left their old life behind one fateful night to forge their own path. A past shrouded in mystery-- one of which serves as a permanent and lasting reminder of the heavy price to be paid for the pursuit of life beyond the confines of their past.

Khooblah Khon

Khooblah is a sociable individual who takes delight in positively impacting others in numerous ways. They have a deep passion for cultivating joy and fostering a strong sense of community. Khooblah's responsibilities include crafting captivating narratives, storylines, and organizing events. Perhaps we can intertwine your stories with their expertise to create an engaging experience that shines brightly!

Merrl, a princess born in the western woods before The Rainbow Railroads, came from a lineage of power. Her mother, Merlanna, had been a formidable queen ruling over the lands, and her authority was respected like a sacred temple. Merlanna had sought strength and eternal youth through dark and forbidden magic, and she imparted this wicked knowledge to her daughter Merrl. As her mother's rule crumbled, Merrl found refuge in the woods, biding her time and planning to reclaim the throne that rightfully belonged to her bloodline. Determined and relentless, she would stop at nothing to regain control over the lands her mother once ruled with an iron fist. Her ambition was fueled by an unyielding desire to reign supreme once more, and she would not rest until her dominion was reestablished.


ArrantGutsie is a Puerto Rican Hottie (single) playing games since Atari, a full-time retail Manager and a streamer since 2022. Now Part of the Rainbow Railroad Admins, feeling blessed of the relationship with these amazing people. Turned from fan to friends! And can't wait what else we evolve the Rainbow Railroad into.

When you first meet Pippi Longstuffing you may be taken aback by her voice or the color of her outfits. Pippi also seems very hyperactive and extremely friendly, while delivering the constant reminder that she is a lady! Pippi's life has been less than colorful and mostly dark and tragic, but she would not show you that!


Sammy is a fun-loving individual that works closely with the admin team to acknowledge ways in which the Rainbow Railroad can continue to evolve and grow as a safe space for all. When not railroading, they enjoy snacking, galavanting through the wilderness, and longing over videos of cats and drag performers on varying social media sites.

Through Sammy’s characters of Molly and Trish, they are able to channel and explore their strange sense of humor in a queer space. In the words of Molly: “I’ve got small lungs, a tiny heart, and a large mind!” . Trish is a bird-loving taxidermy enthusiast with a innocent outlook on life, while Molly is a law-abiding citizen with a drive to prove herself a leader amongst others despite her small size.


EvilDeadEdd is a kind-hearted ally who finds joy in video games. Beneath his gruff exterior, he offers compassion and support to all. With a passion for gaming, he shares his enthusiasm and tips, fostering inclusivity and unity within the community. Beyond gaming, he extends kindness to others, making a positive impact on the world. Edd wants everyone to remember that gaming is about forging connections and friendships that can last a lifetime, embodying the spirit of acceptance and camaraderie.

Leslie Wigsnatch was born to a mother that would go on to be involved in the civil rights movement and a father that was an army instructor. Spending his young life between two different worlds led to him leaving home at the age of 17 to find his own way. He has spent that last 20 years plying his gunsmithing trade all over the U.S. until finding a home on the Rainbow Railroad.



Rin is your friendly neighborhood short king (and Overcooked world record holder 😤) who enjoys laughing and taking life one day at a time. When not in RRRP, she can often be found gaming or hanging out with her cat.

Ellie Jones has a way of getting into trouble. With a love for horses and a tendency to fall off almost everything, they're a chaotic mix of spirit and clumsiness. After working for some time as a travelling ranch hand, they reached Rainbow County, searching for that elusive sense of belonging. Whether she's wrangling horses or starting off on another series of (mis-)adventures, Ellie is always ready to lend a hand and make the best of any situation.