RRRP Newbie Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or new to the scene, this guide is a handy tool for immersive storytelling and understanding how it all works as you navigate the nooks and crannies of the Homelands. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions in our Discordian Gazette. If you find the adventure compelling, consider supporting us on Patreon or GoFundMe to contribute to our continued expansion. Happy trails!

Important Rules


Getting Started


In Game Tips

  • Getting food: Talk to a saloon owner in town or speak with some Rainbow County residents.
  • Clean water: Go to a General Store to purchase clean water or talk to some Rainbow County residents.
  • Owning a horse: Buy a horse from your local horse trainer or, if needed, right from the stables.
  • Learn your telegram number: Go to any post office booth and open the mailbox. Observe two capital letters and three numbers. Please note: Telegram numbers are very case sensitive.
  • Guns and their maintenance: Talk to a gunsmith or some Rainbow County residents.
  • Wagons: Keep to a medium pace and drive cautiously to prevent wheels from falling off.
  • Delivery missions: Find a box icon on the map located in most cities to begin missions to deliver goods (Be advised: some missions are more difficult and riskier than others).
  • Butcher: Sell hunted animal parts here for profit. Please note, not all animal parts will be sold.
  • Carcass market: Sell trapped animals and/or caught fish here.


Job Opportunities

  • Review job opportunities and ideas here (not an exhaustive list).
  • A player must have been playing on the server for 7 days before getting a new job at an existing business (e.g. Saloon Worker, LEO recruit).
  • A player must have been playing on the server for 30 days prior to inquiring about a business proposal.
  • If an individual has a Patreon tier and/or has an apprenticeship with a business owner, they can have their required amount of time in the Homelands decreased.  
  • Government and/or finite jobs are technically restricted in a way that only allows one job to be assigned per character (e.g. you cannot be a saloon owner and a naturalist at the same time).
  • Government and/or finite jobs may offer apprenticeships to their standards to prepare you for your career. This allows you to receive experience and a character reference, increasing your chances for your business proposal to be accepted by the government.
  • You can submit a business proposal here.
  • You can apply for a business loan here
  • Remember: If you can roleplay it; it is a job.


Catalogs & Guides


RP Language

  • Government: The Admin team (Please note: Characters played by the admin team are not the government). 
  • Train Ticket Number/Magic Number: The character ID number listed in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Ticket Holders: Players
  • Locals: NPCs
  • County or Universe: Server 
  • Spiritual: In real life happenings (Please do not overuse it). 
  • Go to sleep: Logging off.
  • Nap: Relog (logging out and back in to fix scuffy situations).
  • Storm: Server restart. 
  • Flex your T muscle: Press T on your keyboard. 
  • Focus: Right click on your mouse on an item, person, horse, or wagon.
  • Use your left hand: Click your left mouse button.
  • Use your right hand: Click your right mouse button.
  • Muscle types: The different keybinds & commands.
  • Send a pigeon: Lets talk in the Discord (Remember to try to keep as much as possible IC).
  • Star Time: Referring to your time zone (e.g. I will be on at 8 AM Central Stars).
  • In your head/thoughts: Briefly AFK (Please remember: Being AFK in game does not mean people won’t stop interacting with you in game). 
  • Headache: RedM crash.
  • I need to take a dip in the Baltic Sea: A safe phrase to indicate that the RP is getting too uncomfortable for you and therefore you are leaving. (Please use our temperature check channel in our discord after its use and remember not to use this as a means to power-game which is against our server rules).
  • Read the Discordian Gazette/Papers: Check out the RRRP Discord.
  • Capture a memory: Take a screenshot (Remember: you can post them in our discord under memories-screenshots). 
  • Scuffed: Something is not working in the game requiring you to take a quick nap (restart).
  • Having a nightmare: You have an OOC emergency to attend to and/or PC issues.
  • Frog in your throat/voice box is itchy: You are having mic issues.


Discord Server Tips

  • Be mindful of #major-updates for important information impacting county dynamics. 
  • Review #tech-changelog for script implementation. 
  • #open-a-ticket if you are experiencing any of the listed issues (CLOSED MONDAYS & TUESDAYS). 
  • Ask for assistance for some issues in #community-support. 
  • View #rainbow-pages for a directory of government and finite jobs available.
  • See #pinboards-general to advertise events, supply needs, and/or business offerings.
  • See who is hiring under #pinboards-job-openings.
  • Look over #pinboards-marketplace to see when residents have opened and/or closed their business.
  • Stay updated on #official-notices for information regarding federal cases.
  • Keep up with #future-server-upgrades to know what scripts are on the horizon as influenced by our Patreon supporters.
  • Know how money is being spent with #financial-transparency.
  • Submit ideas for scripts and/or put forth feedback in #in-game-suggestions.
  • Provide input for our Discord in #community-suggestions. 
  • Use #temperature-check to discuss challenging RP moments.


Support the Community 

  • Become a Chung supporter: 
    • Guaranteed ticket response time within 12hrs during our business days (Wed-Sun)
    • Highest priority review of character applications
    • Business proposals can be submitted after just 10 days in the Homelands
    • 3 monthly votes for scripts.
    • After a collective six months; an individual receives a sentimental, non-functional item as an additional benefits
    • General Support
    • Priority Application Review
    • Guaranteed Ticket Response Time
    • Discord Access
  • Kahlo supporters:
    • Guaranteed ticket response time within 12 hrs during our business days (Wed-Sun).
    • Highest priority review of character applications.
    • Business proposals can be submitted after just 10 days in the Homelands
    • 2 monthly votes for scripts in our future server upgrades discord channel. 
  • Eleanor supporters: 
    • Guaranteed ticket response time within 24 hrs during our business days (Wed-Sun).
    • Priority review of character applications.
    • Business proposals can be submitted after just 15 days in the Homelands
    • 1 monthly vote for a script in our future server upgrades discord channel.
  • GoFundMe supporters:
    • Every $10 donated can count as a vote towards a script being voted on in our future server upgrades channel.  
    • Be sure to include the name of the script you are specifically donating towards by commenting on it in our in-game suggestions discord channel. 
  • Participate in roleplay, be active in the discord, make in-game suggestions that you feel would benefit the community, and most importantly-–have fun!


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