Key & Action(s)
W, A, S, D : Character movement forward (w), backward (s), left (a) and right (d).
I : Interaction (discover in game what this does).
P : Brings up game menu.
F : Melee attack.
L: Point (with your right hand).
G : Open and close menu on NPC stores.
H : Whistle for your horse.
J : Changes your jugular level (voice), which controls how loudly you speak.
Z : Ragdoll action (a bad death drop).
X : Raises your hands (useful in a hostage situation or when in a large group)
C : Look behind you.
V : Changes camera view (from first person to cinematic mode).
B : Opens up your pockets (personal storage).
M : Opens the map.
TAB : Brings up the weapon wheel to select weapon.
TAB R : Select TAB and then the R key for the special item menu (lantern, binoculars).
CAPS LOCK : Brings up the emote menu.
Left SHIFT : Sprint on foot or gallop on horse.
Left ALT : Context based sit menu for fancy sitting.
BACKSPACE : Back out of a menu.
Left CTRL : On your knees/ Crouching. Slows down your horse as well.

Special Interactions

(Press “T” and then write these commands for special interactions)
T : Opens the command search bar for more roleplay.
/hat : Helps remove an article of clothing (/hat, /coat, /shirt as examples).
/me “insert message” : This will create a SHORT-term tag on your character (/me laughs, /me blushes).
/tag “insert message” : This will create a LONG-term tag on your character (/tag healing shoulder).
/walks: This will open the menu to change your walk and posture
/Clothes: This will help remove clothing
/horserest: This will allow your TRAINED horse to rest. 
/horsesleep: This will make your horse go to sleep.