RedM Server Rules

Rainbow Railroad Expectations:

  • The Rainbow Railroad is an exclusively 18+ server. Anyone below the age of 18 will not be allowed access.
  • All characters created must be 18+.
  • No racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, sexism, or any other form of prejudice or hate speech (slurs, derogatory language) will not be tolerated. These actions will result in banning from the server.
  • Roleplay provides a unique opportunity to create and explore different character experiences. However, it is important that the Rainbow Railroad Roleplay server emphasizes the importance of respectful and accurate portrayals of characters from different racial and/or ethnic backgrounds. The Rainbow Railroad RP server’s mission, vision, and guiding principles align with that of an anti-racism intersectional model. In understanding this, character portrayals of BIPOC by white identifying individuals will not be tolerated on this server.
  • In order to maintain a space that strives for safety, please note that The Rainbow Railroad admin reserves the right to review character portrayals before and during the roleplaying process.
  • Harassment, bullying, or any behavior seen as harmful or retaliatory against another individual, either out-of-character or done in-character for out-of-character reasons, will not be tolerated.

  • Sexual harassment or any unwanted sexual advances will not be condoned. This includes both IC (In character) and OOC (Out of character) interactions and/or behaviors.
  • Our server is strictly 18+ as it includes depictions of drug use, violence, gore, sexual themes, and other sensitive content per the RDR2 base game. Content that is explicitly pornographic or extreme instances of violence (torture, suicide, sexual violence) is not allowed.
  • Politically charged or inflammatory discussions will not be permitted.
  • If an admin has offered a response to a rule break ticket, the expectation will be that the individual will need to acknowledge receipt of this response within 48 hours. If the individual chooses to not acknowledge this response, they choose to be banned.
  • Communicating and treating the Admin team in a respectful tone and manner is expected at all times. Just as the Admin team will treat members of the community with respect, the same is to be true in return.


General Role-Play Rules:

  • Please read ALL rules and expectations prior to roleplay. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask on our Rainbow Railroad discord server.
  • Staying in-character creates an authentic and unique experience for everyone involved in bringing Rainbow Railroad to life. While we do not expect perfection, we do encourage everyone to try their best to stay in-character and maintain realism while role-playing.
  • Character names must not replicate the exact letter-for-letter names of actual or fictional people from history, movies, books, etc.
  • No self-promotion will be allowed. This includes sharing of Steam account information, server invites, advertisements, etc.
  • If you need to step away from the game out of character, please keep in mind that being AFK (Away from keyboard) does not make you immune to in-game interactions. If you need a break, make sure to log out.
  • While we strongly encourage communication between players and admin, we ask that you do not DM (direct message) admin, and instead utilize the Ticketing System for any issues or inquiries that occur in or out of character.
  • Working microphones are required for role-play at all times, and Rainbow Railroad is an English-speaking server only.


Meta Gaming

  • Using out of character information as a means to benefit in character roleplay is strictly prohibited and will not be allowed. This includes gathering information from discord servers, player streams, or out of character messaging.
  • No third party calls are allowed. While in county we ask that you not be in ANY Voice chat (this includes the server OOC chat) An example of this would be speaking with other players while playing on the server to gain knowledge or other information that would not be obtained organically through gameplay.
  • Supporting streamers in our community is highly encouraged, however, it is prohibited to be playing while actively watching another player’s live stream with the volume up and/or participating in chat. This is to avoid meta-gaming, stream sniping, or any other way that OOC information would affect your player’s decisions or actions in-game. Doing so will result in a warning from the admin team.

    It is admissible to leave a tab open on a separate device and have it muted.


Roleplay Violence and Scenarios

Violence without interaction or role-play will not be allowed. Killing someone without interaction takes away from the creativity and organic storylines for all parties involved.  This includes:

  • Gunning down a character or any form of attack without interaction and motive.
  • Horseplay that results in murder without prior interaction and motive.
  • Running over individuals with a horse or cart without prior interaction and motive.



Two individuals in agreement to duel in a preconceived arrangement of shootout or fight to settle a dispute is acceptable. When duels are performed, characters who lose the fight will result in permanent character death or permanent injury.



There will be no tolerance for exploiting and/or abuse of in game mechanics, or forcing Roleplay.  Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

  • Refusing to and/or never losing a fight.
  • The act of not being fully unconscious or dead when downed.
  • Utilizing meta information in all forms to benefit self.
  • Using hogties and lassos in excessive amounts for personal gains.
  • Not allowing opponents the chance to roleplay during a situation verbally.
  • Player versus player (PVP) with improper intentions to win instead of giving the opportunity for roleplay.
  • Identifying and accusing voice detection due to familiarities of criminals is prohibited. Accusing players with voice detections will result in unfairness and with administrative action.


Criminal / Gangs size and Application Requirements

Participants involved in criminal mindsets and/or gang related group must abide in the following prior to establish healthy roleplay scenarios:

  • Members who want an affiliated gang group need to apply with an application via Discord. Discord Admins will review and process the application to officiate gang members and titles. This will help ensure gang members are held accountable with their game titles, positions and the number of members.
  • No more than 12 members in a registered gang in and out of the server.
  • Maximum of 6 armed individuals in a group participation during a criminal activity or a PVP interaction.


Criminal Acts – Rules and Regulations

Bank/Store Robbery Rules:

  • Maximum number of criminals involved in a bank/Store robbery is 6.
  • Only 2 robbery members can be outside of the bank/store during the robbery.
  • All 6 robbers must be within the town they are robbing.
  • Each player may only rob a bank once every 4 days. This includes the person initiating the robbery and the individuals involved. Robbing a bank within the window as a different character is prohibited and will result in temporary ban.
  • Law may ask questions in regard to the well-being of the hostages, number of criminals involved and where they are located at the crime scenes. Those involved with criminal acts must respond truthfully.
  • An attempt robbery with a lockpick, regardless of failing or succeeding, is considered a robbery attempt regardless of final outcome.

Hogties and Handcuffs

  • Hogties: Once hogtied, you are not allowed to break out. When an individual roleplays or displays that they have cut or loosened your ropes, breaking free is acceptable.
  • Handcuffs: Once handcuffed, you must avoid evading the individual that has handcuffed you, as mobility is limited. When an individual roleplays or displays that they have removed the handcuffs, freedom of mobility is acceptable.
  • Release/ Breaking Free: A player MUST be freed and/or given the opportunity to be freed before the perpetrator or another player responsible for the hogtying/ handcuffing leaves the scene.

Jailbreaking and Escaping from Custody

When criminals have been placed in a cell and attempts to break free the following rules will be applied:

  • Players may only be involved in a jail break/escape attempt once every 2 weeks.
  • Regardless of attempts, fail or successful, an attempt was made thus enrolls the 2 week period.



Roleplaying in hostage situations must be completely organic and no OOC, meta or preplanning of the incident. Players are allowed to involve and/or be in an agreement to be hostages if part of role play.

At least one Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) may be held as hostage during a bank/store robbery. Any LEOs and victims held as hostages must be released at the end of the crime.


Law Provocation

Provoking the law or attempting to draw LEOs in an attempt to start a violent interaction is prohibited. Understand that roleplay should be the essence and main focus in order for interactions to flow naturally. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a ban.


Impersonation Regulation

Clothing and/or the reactions of attempted impersonation of government officials and LEO is allowed. False identification documents or fake LEO badges is not acceptable and will result in a ban.


Horse Theft

  • If your horse is stolen, you are not allowed  to summon your horse back to you via the horse whistle function. This is considered an exploit and will not be allowed.


 Knock Outs & Revival

  • In circumstances where your character is knocked out or experiences a near death experience, you may face a period of being “knocked out”. During this time, you can either call for a Doctor’s assistance, or you can elect to “See the Light”.
  • When revived by a Doctor, your memory leading up to the event will remain intact. When electing to self-revive, your character will LOSE all memories from the past 30 out of character minutes. You may piece together these memories through the help of others, but they will not come to you on your own.



  • Please advise Admin if planning to choose to roleplay a scenario in which your character is pregnant as this will require approval.
  • Due to speed up of time in the Homelands, a pregnancy is not expected to last the typical period of 9 months. The minimum length of time of pregnancy should be a minimum of 30 days.
  • The role-play of child loss will not be allowed. This also includes torture and/or violence with the intent of harming a character experiencing pregnancy.
  • Players who want to portray their character’s child must wait for three real-life months after the birth in the game before the character becomes playable.


Serial Killers

  • Before playing as a serial killer, you will be required to submit a request to admin for approval. A list of requirements for submission should include at minimum:
  • A brief backstory of your character.
  • Motivation for your character, which includes means of homicide. frequency of your murder, and potential victims.
  • How you plan to interact with the law. This includes clues you may leave.


Value of Life

While on the server, it is expected that your character should fear for their life at any given time. Character traits and personalities will vary, but valuing your life and the life of others should always be prioritized.  Examples of this may include:

  • Vigilantism can be seen as unrealistic in gameplay. A civilian running into a bank robbery with six armed robbers would not be considered “Value of Life”, as the risk far outweighs the reward.
  • While being robbed or attacked by Outlaws, it is important to remember how a civilian during this time period would act. While fighting back with the outlaw may be tempting, it is likely too big of a risk in these scenarios. The same can be said for intervening in robberies of others, as you would also be placing your character in danger.



  • Trying to control who gains access to resources on any publicly owned portion of the server is not permitted. This would include not allowing a character access to public farmland, or any portion of the map that isn’t privately owned.


Multiple Characters

  • Creating multiple characters on the server is encouraged, however it is prohibited to share resources (money, supplies, weaponry) between characters that belong to you. This is seen as power-gaming and is prohibited.
  • Individuals who have multiple characters who choose to communicate with each must wait between storms, send a telegram, and be prepared to provide evidence regarding a META rule break (e.g. in game telegram documentation).
  • While a character is only allowed to hold one profession, it is okay for your other characters to participate in different lines of work. However, using information or in game knowledge between your characters from said professions is not allowed.
  • Max number of characters that may be approved per player is limited to 3.
  • When creating new characters, it is required that a player submit a character application for admin approval for each character.

Multiple Characters – LEO & Criminal

Approval Process:

  • Players must request Admin approval via a “Jobs” type ticket after submission of their character application.
  • Admins retain discretion in acceptance and/or rejection.
  • Admins may adjust decisions as necessary.
  • Individuals applying must not have an active rule break ticket on their record.

Character Activity Timing:

  • The two characters cannot be active at similar times. One must be inactive/shelved for a period of 1 week.

Meta-Gaming Standards:

  • Players will be held to higher standards in regards to LEO/criminal info.
    A clear distinction is required between the different characters’ actions and knowledge.
    Documentation and evidence may be requested by admins for verification.

Starting a Brand New Business

  •  A player must have been playing on the server for 30 days prior to inquiring about a business proposal.
  • A player must submit a written business proposal to the government.
  • If approved, a character must pay $1,000 for business license to be paid within 4 weeks. If the business is a saloon and/ or a business offering consumable items, the citizen is expected to pay a $1500 business license fee which includes 5 items on the menu. If the citizen requires more items, the cost to add additional items will be $150 per item with a maximum of 10 items to be offered.
  • If a citizen does not provide the funds for their business license, the proposal will be voided and the citizen will be required to submit a $400 dollar fine in order to submit future business proposals.
  • If a business sits dormant (no employees) for more than 1 week, the government will dissolve the business and bar the character from opening another business.
  • If an individual has a Patreon tier and/or has an apprenticeship with a business owner, they can have their required amount of time in the Homelands decreased allowing them to submit business proposals and/or request a business loan:

    – Apprenticeship by an approved business owner: 20 days

    – Eleanor supporters: 15 days

    – Chung & Kahlo supporters: 10 days


Getting a new job at an existing business (e.g. Saloon Worker)

  • A player must have been playing on the server for 7 days.
  • If a character doesn’t regularly participate in their new job within the first 30 days, the government will bar the character from a new job for 30 days.


In-Game Leadership Policy

  • When holding a leadership position in the Rainbow Railroad server such as Mayor, Judge, Sheriff, Gang Leader, Business owner, etc, it is expected that you conduct your character with the utmost decorum and lead by example. This includes a strict adherence to rules, transparency and integrity in communication, and gameplay.


Organic Roleplay

  • At RRRP, our roleplay philosophy centers around organic narrative driven performance fostering an environment that encourages improvisation. What does this mean? We value and act on storylines that aren’t preplanned. Character choices are yours alone, and there are no strings being pulled behind the scenes! We believe that this creates a more freeing and less structured RP experience.


Brave Space

  • At RRRP, we are shifting the narrative of a safe space to that of a brave space to encourage individuals to move beyond their comfort zones by taking risks in expressing diverse perspectives which can sometimes mean being confronted by difficult issues. This shift focuses on giving individuals the ability to create their stories in a way that fosters growth, learning, and authenticity while also understanding that individuals in this shared space have a personal responsibility to take care of themselves. Brave Space is an important exercise in challenging one’s perspective and empowering one to undertake self-care practices and well-being into their own hands.



  • Accessibility Items Restriction: Robbing accessibility items is prohibited. Players caught doing so will receive a warning from the admin team.
  • Unique Server Items: Individuals who choose to steal a unique server item must be stolen with careful consideration and understanding of the roleplay behind it.
  • Unlimited Money Theft: Individuals have the freedom to steal as much in-game currency as they can from their victims.
  • Weapon Limit: Robbers are restricted to taking a maximum of half of all weapons (e.g. if an individual has 4 guns, the robber can take 2 guns). If the victim has one gun, the robber can take it.
  • Tool Limits: Robbers are restricted to taking a maximum of 1 tool (e.g. lasso, binoculars, pickaxe, canteen, lumber axe).
  • Other Items Limits: Robbers are restricted to taking entire stacks of 3 different item types of the robbers’ choice (besides guns and tools). Example: 1) 50 cotton, 2) 10 hot mochas, 3) 2 naturalist potions.
  • Player Comfort: If a player feels uncomfortable with the RP during a robbery, they can reduce verbalization as needed to get through the transaction. However, using the Baltic Sea phrase to escape the situation will be considered fail RP resulting in an admin warning.
  • Cooldown: To prevent harassment and ensure a balanced player experience, players cannot rob the same character within a 72-hour period.
  • Menu Robbery: Robbing players while they are in menus and/or otherwise occupied is not allowed.
  • No Killing: Post-robbery, players are prohibited from killing their victims.
  •  Cuff/Hogtie: If players choose to restrain their victims during a robbery, they must release them before leaving.
  • Bank and/or Storage Robbery: Robbers cannot force someone to take items from their city storage, wagon storage, or money from the bank.
  • Upon logging into the game, players are granted a 2-minute grace period during which they are exempt from PVP (non-exhaustive examples: robbery and/or LEO interaction). This exemption *does not* apply if the player is actively recreating a scene from which they had to abruptly exit due to a technical issue, such as a crash or game-breaking bug.
  • Players who experience technical issues during a robbery and/or Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) interaction must make an effort to open a ticket reporting the technical issue to avoid it appearing as if they are attempting to escape the situation. Failure to do so will be considered Fail RP, resulting in an admin warning.

Permanent (Perma) Death

  • Permanent (Perma) death is solely under your control and cannot be imposed by others. Once you choose Perma, it’s irreversible. Thus, weigh the consequences of character death carefully before proceeding.
  •  To confirm Perma, type /tag “dead”, “bled out”, “lifeless”, “no vital signs,” etc.
  •  If you haven’t prepared a will with a lawyer at least two weeks prior to Perma, your belongings will be destroyed. There will be no post-death items handled out of character.
  • In the event of Perma, up to $2500 can be transferred to one identified individual, as specified in the will.
  • For players who portray multiple characters, transferring items from a deceased character to another character, as specified in a will, remains prohibited.
  • Repeat offenders of severe crimes (e.g., serial killers) may face the death penalty (hanging, firing squad, electric chair, etc.) but only after a trial.
  • With perma-death, if the character has been active in-county, to try and role-play out the death.

***Please note that the Rainbow Railroad server rules may evolve to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all members. Any updates will be clearly communicated to the community through the Rainbow Railroad discord server in a timely manner. In addition, we encourage members to provide suggestions and feedback to rules and changes to ensure transparency and inclusivity. 


Server rules will be consistently reviewed by the server administrators to measure relevancy and to address potential issues or concerns.***